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Узнайте о новых исследованиях, инновациях и прорывах в прикладных теплоносителях, основанных на основах термодинамики, теплопередачи и гидромеханики.

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Данный раздел содержит визуальные изображения различных природных явлений и их модели, описанные в THERMOPEDIA™. Для просмотра изображений, видеороликов и 3D-объектов в рамках интересующей вас темы можно использовать фильтры. Изучать мир можно с помощью карт, схем и графиков.

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В THERMOPEDIA представлены оригинальные статьи на различные темы. Если Вы хотите стать автором и написать статью, пожалуйста, нажмите здесь и следуйте инструкциям.

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UNDERSTANDING THE MULTIPHASE PROCESS IN LASER-INDUCED-FORWARD-TRANSFER (LIFT) BIOPRINTING FROM THERMOFLUIDS PERSPECTIVE B. Xu ... In the LIFT bioprinting process, a laser beam passes through a focusing lens, then focuses on the bottom side of a transparent quartz ... HYBRID SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC/THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES - AN OVERVIEW Todd Otanicar ... Combining the two technologies into one system is an attractive way to leverage space and potentially improve the overall solar energy utilization ... BIOMASS-BASED CLEAN COOKING S.P. Parameswaran, A. Kumar, R. Sharma, Himanshu, S.K. Tyagi Biomass fuel is still used worldwide by more than 2.7 billion people for cooking, space heating, etc. Similar to wood, agricultural wastes, cow dung, and crop residues, biomass creates more emissions ... NOVEL THERMAL MANAGEMENT MATERIALINTRODUCING "SELF-DIRECTED" COOLING VIAMOVABLE PINS Andrei Fedorov This breakthrough does not only provide “directed” cooling of hot spots, but also does so without a need for an active control scheme ... DEEP ABSORPTION OF A COLLIMATED RADIATION IN HIGHLY SCATTERING MEDIA Leonid A. Dombrovsky ... The propagation of radiation in an absorbing and scattering medium is one of the problems often encountered in the study of a variety ... DROPLET CLUSTERS LEVITATING OVER THE HEATED WATER SURFACE Alexander A. Fedorets, Leonid A. Dombrovsky, Edward Bormashenko, Michael Nosonovsky ... Self-assembled clusters of regularly spaced small droplets condensing from humid air may appear above the locally heated water surface ... SOLAR-DRIVEN MULTI-EFFECT DISTILLATION OVERVIEW Amr Omar ... MED process mimics the natural water cycle, where freshwater is evaporated from seawater, leaving behind salts and other nonvolatile substances ... SOLAR-DRIVEN MEMBRANE DISTILLATION OVERVIEW Amr Omar ... article provides a brief overview of the different membrane distillation technological options, including module design, membrane configurations, and appropriate integration of this technology with the solar resource. ...


ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATION: CONCEPTS AND CHALLENGES G. Raveesh, Rahul Goyal, S K Tyagi ... new technological solutions are required to address the global water crisis on priority. Atmospheric water generation that generates water from the atmospheric humidity ... THERMOCHEMICAL ENERGY STORAGE FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE CONCENTRATING SOLAR APPLICATIONS Stephane Abanades ... main interest of such a storage is the possibility to operate the solar process continuously by overcoming the inherent limitations of solar energy ... PYROLYTIC PROCESSING OF MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE Gennady Gerasimov One of the most urgent environmental problems in the modern world is the problem of municipal solid waste (MSW) management. There are numerous methods ... RENEWABLE ENERGY POWERED SINGLE-STAGE GREEN COOLING SYSTEM P.R. Chauhan, S. K. Tyagi ... These systems can be activated by low-grade thermal energy using eco-friendly adsorbent-refrigerant pairs ... SIMPLE KINETIC MODEL FOR EVAPORATION OF WATER DROPLETS IN AMBIENT AIR Vladimir Yu. Levashov, Alexei P. Kryukov, Irina N. Shishkova ... In spite of the simplicity of the problem formulation, its solution in the general case encounters some difficulties ... SELF-STABILIZATION OF DROPLET CLUSTERS Alexander A. Fedorets, Leonid A. Dombrovsky, Vladimir Yu. Levashov ... phenomenon has long attracted the attention of researchers but remains understudied, despite its great practical importance ... CSP/CST OVERVIEW Nipun Goel, Robert Taylor ... Concentrating solar power (CSP) refers to the generation of electricity from concentrated direct normal irradiance (DNI) from the sun. Since the concentration ratio used is typically high, it requires ... SOLAR COOLING OVERVIEW Muhammad Tauha Ali ... Cooling buildings and products accounts for more than 20% of the electrical energy demand of an urban city and can reach up to 62% of the peak daily electrical demand in cities ...

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