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R. Viskanta

Following from: Radiative transfer in combustion systems; Combustion phenomena affected by radiation; Radiative transfer in laminar flames; Radiative transfer in turbulent flames

Leading to: Radiative transfer in two-phase combustion; Thermal radiation in unwanted fires

Radiative heat transfer plays an important role since it controls charge heating in furnaces and is a key mechanism in thermal heat losses and wall heat fluxes. Examples of combustion systems (usually large in scale) in which radiation is the prime mode of heat transfer include different types of furnaces for materials processing (Viskanta and Bergman, 1998), boilers (furnaces) for steam and power generation using gaseous fuels, fuel sprays and pulverized coal as fuels, and numerous others. An earlier review of radiative transfer in combustion systems is available (Viskanta and Mengüç, 1987), and a newer account can be found in a recent book ...

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