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THERMOPEDIA™ aims to transfer knowledge and is a primary educational web resource that ultimately holds the key to understanding how energy in all its forms changes nature; it covers basic science and topics on use and applications of energy in nature and technologies; discusses subjects on efficiency and sustainability, thus provides a positive impact on the lives of people — researchers, educators, students and the general public. The upcoming 2020+ coverage will be largely focusing on important interdisciplinary topics and areas, especially latest developments. From basic science to applied engineering, equipment and technologies disseminate information to support a greener planet, including programs oriented on reduction of greenhouse emissions. Your gift of any amount will make a difference in advancing education and spreading the knowledge that will benefit all, and is greatly appreciated. Please click here to proceed with a gift or to learn more click here.

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THERMOPEDIA™ is reliable peer-reviewed web resource on thermal-fluids science and engineering written by foremost known scientists and experts in the world. Its goal is to bring the knowledge of what is known and reach out to what is new and may be coming in the future. THERMOPEDIA™ content, subjects and topics of coverage hold the key to understanding energy in all its forms and changes in nature. The editorial team is focusing on updates, targeting topics related to sustainability, cleaner energy and environment while providing the basics in fundamentals and applications in thermodynamics, physics, chemistry and engineering. The primary Level-1 articles in THERMOPEDIA™ are intended to give precise statements on each topic, at a sufficient level of detail to allow the user to deal with most requirement; then, the Level-2 articles extend the summary treatments in the Level-1 articles to fuller treatments designed to meet the needs of those who require a more in-depth coverage.

THERMOPEDIA™ overviews and helps users to learn about major energy and environmental related problems that are facing our planet and what can be done about them. THERMOPEDIA™ is available for free and depends on sponsorship, contributions and donations to stay open for everyone. For many years, THERMOPEDIA™ has been supported by Begell House Inc. Publishers and as we are initiating a new 2020+ stage for the next editorial update cycle, we need more support to develop and maintain new sections. All contributions are applied to the update of the programs. These contents are freely available because of donations from generous individuals like you. Please consider making a gift of any amount to help us to continue with future updates and the development of this important web resource click here.

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