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Applied Problems
Band Models for Gas Radiation
Basic Concepts
Basic Principles of Thermal Radiation
Basis of Experimental Characterization and Identification Procedure
Classification of Combined Heat Transfer Problems
Combined Heat Transfer by Radiation, Conduction, and Convection
Computational Methods
Computational Methods for Radiative Transfer in Disperse Systems
Conservation Laws
Continuum Hypothesis
Convective Mass Transfer
Differential Approximations
Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
Experimental Study and Theoretical Modeling of Spectral Radiative Properties of Dispersed Materials
First Approach Engineering Models and Useful Data
Global Models for Gas Radiation
Instability and Turbulence
Internal Flows
Mean Absorption Coefficients (Planck, Rosseland)
Microscale/Nanoscale Radiative Heat Transfer
Molecular Spectra in the Infrared
Overview of Radiative Transfer in Gases
Plasma Radiation and Applications
Radiation Transfer in Emitting, Absorbing and Scattering Media
Radiation Transfer Problems in Nature and Engineering
Radiation Transfer Theory and the Computational Methods
Radiation-Turbulence Interaction
Radiative Transfer for Coupled Atmosphere and Ocean Systems
Radiative-Conductive Heat Transfer in Dispersed Materials
Solutions for One-Dimensional Problems
Some Applied Problems of Combined Heat Transfer
Some Methods for Detailed Numerical Simulation of Radiative Transfer
Spectral Radiative Properties of Gases and Plasma: Theoretical Models and Experimental Data
Stress in Fluids
The Mie Solution for Spherical Particles
Wave Phenomena
Experimental Techniques